Bulgarian Rose & Why Your Skin Needs it

Rose, the Queen of flowers, as it is known, offers much more than a scent that will slay the most discerning of noses, it offers nourishment like no other in the plant kingdom to your delicate facial tissues.

Mother nature expressed her abundance and love for us when she created over one hundred species and thousands of varieties of this magnificent flower. Roses are found all over this world, prized for their colors, odors and all over aesthetic appeal. Some grow in manicured gardens while others bloom in wild bushes. Each type and variety contain something special in the eye (and nose) of the beholder.

Of all the varieties and locations in the world that these famous flowers grow, it is Bulgaria that can boast of having one of the best blooms cultivated for skin care and aromatherapy.  For the benefits are not only in the constituents of the petals, but it is how the flower is cultivated, harvested and processed. In Bulgaria they are experts at extraction as well, maintaining the highest concentration of beneficial properties possible.  This is quite a feat as it takes around 10,000 lbs of rose petals to distill one pound of oil.

So why do you need to incorporate this delicate flower into your skin care ritual or services offered as an esthetician?

Too many reasons to list! But lets name a few to wet your whistle and your continued study can go from here.

First and foremost it is astringent. Which means it cleans and closes pores and gently heals capillaries on even the most sensitive of skin types. It tones the skin by gently contracting the muscles and blood vessels of the facial tissues.

  Rose is cicatrisant. This property helps restore, heal and add vitality to even the most damaged of dermis. It helps to fade scars after marks of boils, acne, stretch marks and surgery scars.

It is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces redness and swelling. As a tissue regenerator it is loaded with therapeutic benefits for aging skin that has been exposed to the elements.

Those reasons alone should be enough to incorporate this magical oil into your every day life, but one of my most favorite aspects of Bulgarian Rose is that it offers all of these benefits as a botanical ingredient. Too often in today’s world we look to laboratories and complicated chemical processes for our skin care products. These products are often harsh, dangerous and crippling to our bodies and environment (not to mention, newer and less tested than the thousands of years of botanical beauty that has traveled through the times). 

Along with the way that it heals your skin, it is often used in aromatherapy to heal and recover from a broken heart caused by suffering and loss. Rose essential oil is also used below the neck when there is need to balance the hormones affecting the female reproductive system to intensify lovin’ feelings (as an aphrodisiac) and to increase fertility. So take care of your whole being with this ingredient, as it is optimal for Mind, Body and Soul Care. 


*Maui Blessed Organics incorporates Bulgarian Rose in their Eternal Rose Exotic Oil- used as a perfume, aromatherapy, and face serum.


Ingredients: Wild harvested Rose Infused Marula oil, Organic Pomegranate Seed oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E & Organic Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil.

A Little More On Red Earth & Roses

I dont know about you, but when I get excited, I mean really excited about a new product I just can't say enough about it. Our newest product is one of those. It inspires me! I get psyched when I dive deeper into the potency of the ingredients and what they truly have to offer. This earth and all of her creation blows my mind! So here is just a little more info on the components of our Red Earth and Roses: Exfolaint and Mask...but first you might ask yourself... 

Why Exfoliate?

Your skin cells are in constant flux. They are shedding and generating a new.  Sometimes skin cells do not shed as often as they should and a build up of dead cells will leave a dull, rough, dry appearance. A gentle exfoliation included in your skin care regime will help that dull appearance to shine by revealing the new skin cells as well as remove excess oil and unclog pores. However it is important to be gentle and exfoliate with small granules to protect the skin from cuts and being stripped of its good natural oils (naturally occurring oil is called sebum). It is important to note that our Red Earth & Roses is made up of gentle small granules that keep your skins integrity in tact. 

Then you might as yourself...

What's this importance of using a mask?

The right face mask, used regularly (two to three times a week) will hydrate, remove excess oil, improve the appearance of pores, naturally extract impurities, diminish fine lines, improve collagen production and deposit important minerals which will enhance the overall health of your skin.

So with all of that info in mind~ let's dive into the ingredients.



Rhassoul clay:

Rhassoul clay is red clay found only in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  It is formed by volcanic activity and geothermal changes in the area, leaving it mineral rich and especially high in silica (important for firming and tightening and keeping your skin looking smooth), magnesium (maintains the skins moisture level) and potassium (helps skin cells remain hydrated, low potassium is one cause of dry skin). Clinical studies and testing on Rhassoul found that it can increase skin elasticity, even skin tone, reduce blemishes and blackheads, and reduce skin dryness.

Rhassoul has super absorbing power! This clay boasts of a high negative charge, which means that it attracts positively charged particles to remove them.  Simply stated, when the clay is washed off, the impurities go with it, leaving smooth skin.

Sandalwood powder:

This is a time tested Ayurvedic ingredient used in home remedies for clear skin. Sandalwood is effective in soothing acne, blemishes and rashes. It also has powerful antibacterial properties which work effectively in fighting bacteria and fungi and prevents the breakouts. It is also effective in soaking excess oil and sebum (your skins natural oil produced to protect you, but in excess causes wax build up, impurities and clogged pores) from the skin. The natural oils in sandalwood clear skin complexion and add a healthy glow. The toning effect of sandalwood shrinks pores that provides an even skin texture and prevents sagging.

Pink Rose, Orange Peel and Hibiscus powder (Not just for tea!):

These ingredients bring beauty, a romantic enlivening aroma and important nutrients and minerals to the exfoliating and masking process.  As a powder they are so fine, that they work gently at removing dead skin cells as well. The pink rose is prized for its beauty and scent.  In the orange peel there are substantially more enzymes, flavonoids, and phyto-nutrients than the fruit.  By incorporating the orange peel into our skincare we absorb all of the essential components, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Choline, Folic Acid, over 60 known flavonoids, d-limonene, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, aldehydes, numerous minerals and vitamins. And with the inclusion of hibiscus powder, this blend has an extra high anti-oxidant level along with naturally occurring organic and important acids such as, citric (helps to enhance the activity of other anti-oxidants), malic (organic compound known to increase energy levels), and tartaric (an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory which can help bolster the immune system and promote overall wellness).


Mind Body & Soul Skin Care


Do you know what you are putting on your skin these days?

As women, nurturers, lovers, and dedicated mothers- we fight for un-adulterated nutrient dense delicacies to deck our tables come mealtime. We endlessly check and recheck nutrition labels. We try and make sure there are no more than five ingredients when we buy packaged foods, and that those ingredients are easy to pronounce. Yet to what standards do we hold our soaps, scrubs, lotions, creams, toners, cleansers and perfumes?

I conjure these words and thoughts from my own experience and from the standpoint of a totally happy and blissful new mama. In the past, I rarely checked the label to see what type of concoction I was putting on the largest filter my body has to offer; my skin. If I did scan the ingredient list, I took for granted that, “Well, no one knows what these things are… and I guess that is okay.”

NOT TRUE my sisters and mamas. Every day we are exposed to chemical after artificial chemical. We are bombarded by noxious noise that settles on to our skin. Our one Hail Mary for a happy glow supposedly comes from these questionable multi billion dollar skin care companies that infuse their products with synthetic this and fragrance that. Perhaps in the past, we gambled with these products, as our own health was our only consideration. But now you might have a little one teething on your fingers, sucking on your shoulders and nestling into your chest. Good, healthy decisions made in honor of our skins, are also made in honor of our babes.

So I bring you good news ladies. There is a solution to all of your sebum related woes. That is this; think organic, think botanical, think small batch and simple – just like with your meals. The simpler the plant based organic product, the better it is for you and your dermis. There are so many ways to enjoy and enhance your innate beauty by utilizing the gifts from this creation. The gifts that come to us baring petals, stems, roots and leaves, fruits and nuts. These are the ingredients that our bodies crave, inside and out. They are our first defense against the unnatural.

With the holidays coming let’s simplify by talking about one suggested stocking filler and its components. Body butter.

Body butter is a type of moisturizer made up of botanical butters, carrier oils and essential oils. (Body butter does not contain water or other ‘filler agents’ as lotions and creams do) The most common butter bases you will see are shea butter and cocoa butter. Shea butter is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E & F, as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A and E help to soothe, hydrate, and balance the skin. Vitamin F contains essential fatty acids, which helps protect and repair damaged skin. Shea butter even offers a low level of UV protection (approximately SPF-6). Cocoa butter is naturally rich in Vitamin E, as well as a number of other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

But why stop there with all the buttery goodness that nature has to offer? Take this base and blend in a carrier oil such as rose hip seed, jojoba or coconut and witness your skins’ happiness levels leap through the proverbial roof. These carrier oils bring with them even more fatty acids and nutrients.

Last but not least, botanical products often incorporate essential oils like lavender, geranium, clary sage, ylang-ylang and rose. Each essential oil harboring its own intrinsic medicine geared towards balance, beauty and physical and emotional wellness.

Mama to mama – These are the types of ingredients you can use and pronounce when you choose to truly love the skin you are in and the little babe on your hip.