Receiving feedback from our customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of this work. Thank you to all the beautiful women that share their thoughts and testimonies with us.


"Maui Blessed Organics makes the best quality and scented essential oils, body butters and beauty products. I get them shipped all the way to NJ and am instantly transported back to the island. I can trust the ingredients are sustainability sourced and environmentally friendly, and every purchase supports a woman owned business."

~Amanda Hopkins, NJ

"Since I started using Maui Blessed Organics Hair Serum, my hair looks shinier and healthier than ever. It is softer and less frizzy without EVER feeling greasy. And of course, like all their other products, Maui Blessed Organic's Hair Serum smells AMAZING!"

~Jolie Strickland, Maui

Owner of Cirque Jolie

"Eternal Rose by Maui Blessed Organics has certainly blessed my life at a time when I was upset and going through a lot of physical and emotional trauma. I would just roll it over my heart- chest area and on my wrists, to breathe in the Divine fragrance. It calmed my heart and mind, and helped me to be less anxietal! 

The face serum is just heavenly- it feels like it rejuvenates and regenerates my skin. Used along with the facial toner, it's all you need for wonderful feeling and great looking skin!!"

~Lasensua, Maui

DoTERRA Wellness Advoate

Teaches educational essential oil classes at Lumeria Maui and Sacred Garden

"I LOVE the Golden Glow Body Butter. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it feels great going on my skin. I've been using it on my growing baby belly and my skin is so happy! (Can you make it in a bigger size? I go through the jar so quickly!) This is such an amazing company. Thank you!!!"

Elyse Harris, NH

Yoga Instructor

"Magic & Miracles:
I've been using this serum for over 6 months.  Living in a hot, tropical climate has different effects on one's skin but this serum adapted and absorbed seamlessly into my dermal layer, day after day, night after night.  I've used many expensive botanical serums, as well as create them myself, I'm trained to recognize a good product.  For the top quality ingredients this product contains, its an absolute value at its price and should be a crucial part of anyone's (male or female) daily skin regiment.
Divine Grace:
I have a special affinity to this perfume.  My baby daughter and I share it and use it on one another when we have some quiet time together.  Its a dear part of our own private momma-daughter anointing rituals.  Also, as a formulator of botanical perfumes myself and a perfumera (a shaman who works with aromatherapy,) I have a great sensitivity to smells.  I use Divine Grace on many occasions in my ceremonies to gently anoint my clients.  Once in a particularly sensitive moment, I held the bottle to my third eye and could perceive all the wisdom and love of plants that had gone into its creation.  Besides, the champa is absolutely consciousness-altering.  This perfume holds a very special place in my heart."

Aubrey Bamdad, Peru

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"Maui blessed Organics products are nothing short of amazing! I am a holistic Esthetician with 20 years experience in the natural and organic skin care industry. I am extremely picky about what I use on myself and my clients, and I research product ingredients and formulations. I use these products in my practice and they are of extreme high quality. From the exquisite aromas and textures, to the healing and result driven plants, herbs and oils, your skin and your senses will be in for a genuine treat. These product have treated and healed my clients sun damage, age spots, uneven texture and tone, extreme dryness, eczema, rashes, and acne just to name a few. I have worked closely with Maui blessed Organics to formulate a special line of after wax products for my practice. These products are so effective that I get asked frequently, "how is it possible to have such a pain-free, comfortable wax experience? My skin is barely even red!" Well, I have Maui Blessed Organics to thank for that! These products are truly amazing, and Maui Blessed Organics is indeed a blessing. Thank you!!

Love Lani Morris, Maui

Holistic Esthetician 

Beauty By Nature Maui

"Just thought I'd share an experience I had last week with one of the new products!! I was reaching for something in my car and I wrenched out my lower back to the point that I saw stars and fell to my knees! I limped around for a couple hours and laid down for a little while and low and behold my daughter called and I told her what happened and she said, "Mom did you use your magnesium spray?" Well no I did not, so I immediately did that and I'm telling you within two days my pain had subsided 80%!! Usually I would be carrying that around for a couple of weeks!! Bravo Maui Blessed! Love this new product! Miracle!"

Monica Cotardo, NJ

Owner of Cotardo's Restaurant